Life Groups

Life groups are a key way to live life together. We hope you find a group for you!

Life Group Questions

Ice Breaker: What aren’t you looking forward to? What are you looking forward to?

Read Psalm 103: 10-13

What do you take away from this, and how can you implement these scriptures into your life?

“Some of us deal with ourselves more harshly than the God of the universe deals with us.” What do you think about this statement? Are you extra hard on yourself?

Read Psalm 32: 3

Sin that is unresolved leads to mental and physical deterioration. Is there anything unresolved in your life? (Sin comes in the form of unforgiveness as well. Not forgiving is a way to bring a heavy burden into your life as well.)

The effects of lingering unforgiveness towards self include: Self-hatred/rejection, reoccurring thoughts, isolation, and shame. Are you experiencing any of these in any way?

Read Psalm 32: 1-2

David starts with the solution of Jesus. He begins by saying that it is a joy for those who have been forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight. When you pray, do you find yourself starting with Jesus first, or do you find yourself coming to God more out of guilt/shame? (Remember, you are already loved and accepted. You do not have to feel shame and guilt in the presence of God. Repent and know that He loves you.)

It’s hard to deal with our past because Satan wants to use it to hold us down, where God wants to use it as a growing moment. God wants to use your story to bring others to Him. How do you believe God is going to use your story/past for His glory?

Pray for each other and uplift one another. If there is something that needs to be cleared from your past, give it to God and share it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Know that God loves you and sent Jesus to give you a fresh start. Amen.

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