Life Groups

Life groups are a key way to live life together. We hope you find a group for you!

Life Group Questions

Does the statement, “We’ve been learning to live with less, so we can be generous with more,” resonate with you?

On Sunday Dylan talked about the idea that our home is in heaven with Christ; which means that we should be more secure with our possessions/finances? Do you live this way?

Luke 12:13-21: Jesus shares how this man is foolish because he was not “prepping for eternity.” Do you live a life that is prepping for eternity? If so, how? And if not, what is something you can be better at?

Matthew 6:19-21: Read these verses. What do they mean to you? Can these verses be applied to everything in our life? In other words, whose kingdom are you building?

“Giving, tithing, and generosity has never been a money issue, it’s been a heart issue.” What do you think about this statement? 

When Jesus becomes Lord of our lives, that means He is Lord over all. Yet, we keep the door of finances/generosity locked. Why? 

If we were to leave this earth today, what would you be remembered for?

Dylan encouraged you to find a church or charity that you absolutely believed in, and give to that cause. What do you think about this?

Take a moment to pray and share your burdens with one another. Also pray for our world to find Jesus. There is a lot of division, and that is not from God. Pray that we can seek Him and be better representatives of Jesus. Amen.

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